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On Allyship and Mentorship In the National Security Sector

After writing our article on women of color in national security, we met with Bishop Garrison who wrote a piece on supporting women of color in the sector. As young professionals, we wish to see more diversity represented in the leadership that helps maintain our safety. In addition to more representation, we thought about what leaders and mentors can do to cultivate a more inclusive environment and be better allies for young women of color like us.

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To Pluck a Brown Feathered Goose: On Being a Woman of Color in National Security

As a field that centers on defense and foreign relations, national security has had a long history of being predominantly male. Recent public debate on women and national security have rightfully acknowledged this problem, showing how gender bias, unequal pay, and work-family life challenges have posed barriers to greater progress. However, we have also found a lack of recognition of the racial biases and barriers to inclusion that women of color must also confront to excel in the field of national security.

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