Camille Stewart

J.D, American University

Cyber, Technology, & Intellectual Property Attorney Deloitte

Chair, WCAPS Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies Working Group

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Bonnie Jenkins
Vijai Singh

PhD in Global Affairs

Public Information Officer

United Nations Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate

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Bonnie Jenkins
Sean Shank

AB, East Asian Studies, Princeton University (2006)

JD, American University (2011)

MA, International Affairs, American University (2011)

Vice President (Cyber Threat Intelligence) at BNY Mellon

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Bonnie Jenkins
Yolonda Smith

Master of Science, Information Technology

Lead Information Security Analyst

darkmsph1t ventures LLC; Target Corp

- Application Security & Exploitation
- (Wireless) Network Exploitation
- Vulnerability Management
- Governance, Risk, Compliance
- Internet of Things Security & Exploitation
- Program Building
- Threat Modeling
- Security Development Lifecycle Planning

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Bonnie Jenkins