Working Group on Cybersecurity and Emerging Technologies

This working group will focus on the impacts of emerging technology and cybersecurity on communities of color with an emphasis on women of color. Technology has the power to bridge divides and empower underserved and underrepresented communities. However, the unique needs of communities of color are often an afterthought as new capabilities promulgate as well as these communities are largely unaware of the cybersecurity and privacy concerns and trade-offs inherent in using technology. This lack of widespread engagement and understanding perpetuates a system that exacerbates the chasm between privileged and underprivileged communities and places unnecessary boundaries on innovation rather than promoting positive change.  This working group will identify, amplify, and augment work being done to explore the effects of emerging technology and cybersecurity concerns on communities of color; promote the engagement of communities of color in the national and international discourse on relevant issues; and explore equipping communities of color to enter the workforce of the future. - Camille Stewart 


Webinar hosted by the WCAPS Cybersecurity and Emerging Technology Working Group

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WCAPS Cybersecurity and Emerging Technology Working Group Happy Hour

September 10th, 2019

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August 1st event: Artificial Intelligence: Hype or Reality

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Some of the participants at the WCAPS
"Artificial Intelligence: Separating Hype from Reality” Discussion

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WCAPS will be presenting at RSAC College Day on Friday, March 8th! Camille Stewart, Chair of the WCAPS Cybersecurity & Emerging Technology WG will be providing tips on owning your own narrative at the Interview and Resume Writing workshop. Current students can register for RSAC College Day for free here:


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