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 Working Group on Climate Change

Across the globe, climate change processes and impacts do not affect all equally. In fact, climate change exacerbates the complex interactions between gender-based social discrimination and race-based disparities. Yet, despite the gendered impacts of climate change on women of color, they have most often been excluded, silenced or ignored within policy processes and activities related to climate change. This has had significant implications for international security, human mobility, disease transmission and adaptation efforts. In order to address the increasing threat of climate change, women of color must be actively engaged in climate change mitigation activities, adaptation efforts and disaster risk reduction. The integration of an intersectional gender perspective into existing and future climate policy frameworks will create a platform for diverse voices. Women must have a seat at the table and their contributions must be acknowledged within climate-related policy discussions and responses. 

This working group aims to create a space for women in climate-related discussions and initiatives. It will achieve the following: 

1.      Review the landscape of climate change organizations to determine with whom the working group can collaborate;  

2.      Create a network of WOC who engage in climate-related activities;

3.      Determine the focus of the group on issues of climate change and draft policy papers and policy briefs;

4.   Conduct interviews with women in the field; and

5.   Host seminars and discussions to raise awareness of the issues.

Please send an email to to sign up and get involved or to post your queries and suggestions.

Kaidie Williams

On April 11, WCAPS, Inclusive and the University of California at Berkeley hosted a discussion on “Redefining National Security” with a focus on climate change and the environment.

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