(include counterterrorism finance)

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Ashley Burrell

M.A. East Stroudsburg University

Staff Assistant

Department of State

Laila Hasan laila.hasan@gmail.com.jpg

Laila Hasan

B.A, International Relations and Affairs, GWU

Foreign Service Officer

US Dept of State

Meghan Koushik mkoushik@stanford.edu.jpeg

Meghan Koushik

JD, Stanford Law School

Research Associate

Formerly at the Brennan Center for Justice

Pamela Campos pamjcam@gmail.com.jpeg

Pamela Campos

MPA International Policy & Management, NYU; BA Political Science, Portland State University

Political Strategist/ Executive Director

Beyond The Choir/Common Defense PAC

Rachael Gillum rachelgillum@gmail.com.jpg

Rachael Gillum

PhD, Political Science, Stanford University

Senior Director/Stanford Fellow

RiceHadleyGates LLC


Beatrice Maneshi

M.A. Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies MIIS

B.An International Studies (Economics) (USF

Program Innovation Consultant, Catalystas Consulting

Fleciah Mburu

MPA concentration in Emergency Management and Homeland Security


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