WCAPS Mentorship Program

WCAPS launched its 2019 Spring Mentorship Program in January 2019. The goal is to provide mentors to other WCAPS interested members and to promote a sponsorship relationship between the mentor and mentee. The current mentorship program will conclude in May 2019 and another will begin in September 2019. As such, questionnaires for the 2019 Winter WCAPS Mentorship Program will be sent to interested participants in late July 2019.

The Spring mentorship will conclude in May 2019. Mentors and mentees decide if they prefer to meet face-to-face or via another means of communication that works for them. Since some of the mentors and mentees do not live in the same areas, online communication is the most appropriate method for continued engagement.

Mentors and mentees work together and submit a 5-minute video of the mentee explaining why diverse voices are needed to address a challenging global peace, security or conflict problem.

Questions regarding the WCAPS Mentorship Program should be addressed to wcaps@wcapsnet.org.

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