Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins

Executive Director

Ambassador Jenkins is the Founder and Executive Director of WCAPS. She is also a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution in the Foreign Policy Program. From 2009-2017, she was a Special Envoy and Coordinator, Threat Reduction Programs in the International Security and Nonproliferation Bureau at the U.S. Department of State.


Sabrina Curtis

WCAPS Fellow

Sabrina is a Ph.D. candidate at George Washington University. Her research interests are equal access to education for women and girls, global human rights education, practitioner bias, and culturally responsive curricula and pedagogy. She is an experienced professional with a range of skills developed in the government, legal, and education sectors. 


Neghena Hamidi

WCAPS Intern

In addition to working as a WCAPS Intern, Neghena is a Program Officer at Read to Lead Afghanistan, a Kabul based NGO aimed to improve the literacy of children in Afghanistan. She is also heavily involved in faith-based organizations and communities in New York City in promoting peace and tolerance. 


Matthew Jenifer

WCAPS Digital Media Specialist

Matthew is an independent editor/media manager providing services in video editing, audio editing, web design, and social media. He is the founding engineer of Brown Buddha, with interests and experience in education, performance arts, film, and writing.